Inmod’s March Modness $1000 Giveaway Guide

Craftsman Furniture - moodboard

Moodboarding 101

Are you ready to enter our $1000 March Modness Giveaway? Whether you’re a pro or a beginner we’re here to give you some helpful hints on how to create your March Modness Moodboard.

Whats a moodboard?

Think of this as a collage of images, text and objects that serve as inspiration for an idea you have for interior design.
Craftsman Furniture - moodboard
Craftsman Furniture - moodboard2
Craftsman Furniture - moodboard1

Getting started

You can make your own March Modness Moodboard on applications like Paint or Photoshop or you can create one online at Building your dream room is easy, all you need to do is create your ideal space using items from Once you’re done post it to your page and tag us @inmod and #ImmodMarchModness

So, are you ready to enter our March Modness $1000 Giveaway? Click here to get started.

Ready? BREAK!

Craftsman Furniture - readybreak


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