IKEA hack videos … binge watch these super easy DIYs

Kick back and chill with these IKEA hack videos

You’ve made it to Thursday and I thought I’ll bring you some quick and easy IKEA hack videos to get us through the week.

Cause we all love quick and easy (and cheap), don’t we?

Now, before anyone points out that some of these are “not hacks” … yes, I know. I’ll just say that the videos show a mix of upcycles, repurposing, embellishments and hacks. All that. And so fun. Let’s enjoy the show.

Rolling …. IKEA Hack Videos!

First one up is from Lone Fox. Some interesting ideas here and I love the hairpin side table hack using the IKEA STOCKHOLM 2017 tray. Looking at it makes me wish IKEA would bring back the very similar awesome PS tray.

This next video is in German but you’ll have no issues understanding what’s Linda has done. The KOMPLEMENT multi hanger looks ace as an art board.

Angel is up next and she has some super simple hacks. You’ll need nothing more than adhesive, a pair of scissors, marble contact paper and washi tape.

The next one is from Hermoine and she’s such a clever DIYer. Nothing too hard here, but she has a good eye and can spot good IKEA items to hack.

The last one is from The Sorry Girls. They shopped IKEA As-Is and turned some “questionable” items into cute ones. Okay, the JANSJÖ light and pouffe hack are hardly quick and easy, but I love the end result of the upcycle.

Hope you enjoy these IKEA hack videos and are inspired to get on with your project. It doesn’t need to be hard.

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