Folding Bed Tray/Laptop Table

A perfect choice for eating, placing laptops, reading, writing or as a camping table. Unique as Christmas, Wedding or Corporate Gifts.  Bulk purchases can be customized!

Kamasutra Sex Chair

Ordinary has no place in your bedroom. Surprise your partner, enhance your love life and welcome a new level of intimacy into your lives!!!

Kariba Black Leather Divan

This is perfect for a corner of your living room or bedroom. Great to relax on while watching TV or reading. Luxury Living Is Now Yours!!!

Custom Made Settees

Complete your living room in elegant style with this eye-catching, stylish Settees to match your unique tastes and budget. Available in different materials, colours and styles.

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Yes! For nationwide delivery of our stock items just click on “Order on Konga “ or “Order on Gidimall” and it will arrive at your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria in no time at all.

On certain products yes. Just email us your design and the details of where you want it delivered to and we can offer you a quote.

Yes through our partner Gidimall’s global website

Pay with PayPal and get them delivered to the UK, US, Benin Republic, Ghana and Ivory Coast when you order from Gidimall.

Sure. For orders over 15 units, we can put a little plaque with your logo, website address etc on the top left-hand corner of it. All for no additional cost!

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