Help: IKEA PAX frame top panel — where to safely cut?

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Where’s the sweet spot to cut the IKEA PAX frame top panel?

I have just assembled a row of four IKEA PAX frames. My goal is to mount a TV inside one of the middle units.

The wardrobes are flush against the wall so installing a TV mount shouldn’t be an issue. The problem I’m having is how to pass the cables.

IKEA PAX frame for TV

From behind isn’t possible because the units are flush with the wall. 

From the sides I would need to drill through the other units and somehow hide the cables – not ideal.

So I’m looking to drill a hole through the top panel, this would allow me to hide everything on top.

The hole needs to be big enough to pass a DVI connector, approx 5cm or 2 inch.

I’ve seen pictures of the side panels cut showing the cardboard filler, do the top panels also have this, if so, where exactly?

I’m using the shallower units, so I imagine there would be two ‘bars’ of real wood, does anyone know how thick they are?

My concern is that when drilling the hole, I’ll hit a spot of half filler, and half wood.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.



Hi Robin

It looks like an awesome project. We would love to see the end result.

I’ve not worked with the new PAX frames so I can’t advice on that. Perhaps some readers will have information for you.

IKEA PAX frame – internal structure

I found this on About 1/2″ was cut off from the bottom of the PAX side panel (which you’ve already seen) and it hit the paper filler structure.

IKEA PAX frame internal structure


It is likely the same for the top panel.

Maybe the old trick of knocking and listening for a hollow sound will help? 🙂

False TV wall to hide cables

Another idea would be to create a “false wall” to mount your TV and secure it midway in the PAX. The PAX is quite deep for a flat screen TV, even if you’re using the shallower frame.

Make the panel out of MDF or plywood and hide your cables behind the panel. Then you’ll only make a small hole in the PAX top panel for your main power cable to go though and reduce your risk of hitting the solid panel and filler.

Or better yet, relocate your power point to behind the false wall.

Any one with better advice?

And when you do cut the frame, come back here and share your knowledge. We need this information!



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