Back to Black, the 2019 Home Decor Trend to Watch

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Black is back and it said to be one of the top trends in home decor this year. From black furniture, black fixtures to walls, it creates a compelling and forceful statement within your space.

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Take a look at how sultry and elegant this “spa-inspired” bathroom is. They say black makes your room appear smaller. If its feeling a little too claustrophobic, contrasting black with lighter colors or even a mirror can expand the area.

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The boldness of  black merged with avant-garde design aesthetics is bringing clean lines and sophistication back into the office.

All white kitchens have been dominating kitchen decor trends for the past couple of years but now its time to shed light on its alter-ego. We’re seeing a rise in black color kitchens, whether its from the stools you’re sitting at, counter tops your dining on, or cabinets you’re storing in, it makes for a sleek and modern ambiance in your home.

Craftsman Furniture - black blog graphic1


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