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Another item Ngozi and I must have in our home is a Folding Bed Tray / Laptop Table. It is a perfect choice for eating, placing laptops, reading, writing or as a camping table and it’s totally portable.
When you live in Lagos City, rooms in your apartment are used for multiple purposes, so if you want to be able to salsa in the living-room, then it’s fold-away furniture for you. Folding Bed Tray / Laptop Tables are very useful –it’s perfect for carrying food or removing plates, and they double as drinks trays or serving sideboards.IMG_1696

A functional Folding Bed Tray / Laptop Tables should be durable, stylish and beautiful.
Why not bring the Folding Bed Tray/Laptop Table and The Intimacy Chair together? Like Ngozi and I, they are a match made in heaven.IMG_1702

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