10 even lower price IKEA items that are really worth buying

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Low prices go even lower at IKEA

You know the drill by now. Every year, some time after the annual IKEA sale, IKEA will lower the prices of selected items.

On their site, they state whenever you see the “New Lower Price” tag, it means they’ve found a way to offer good quality, function and even better prices on favorite IKEA products.

Which is music to our ears.

I took a look at the list of things with even lower prices on the IKEA US site, and here are 10 that are absolutely value for money.

The list of New Lower Price items will differ from country to country. Please check your local IKEA website for the lower price announcement.

10 IKEA Even Lower Price items

#1 HEMNES 8-drawer dresser $249 (Previous price $279)
Hemnes 8 drawer chest - even lower price

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Always a solid choice for bedroom storage. If white is not your jam, you can also stain it to the deep wood colour of your choice. Heck, you can even turn it into a rustic kitchen island.

Please note there are 2 versions of white: (1) White Stain and (2) White. The “White Stain” version (code: 00318598) is made from solid wood and “White” (code: 80374284) is made from particleboard. So get the right version for your needs.

#2 MALM 2-drawer chest $39.99 (Previous price $49.99)
Malm nightstand - even lower price

$10 cheaper. That’s a pretty big saving on this simple nightstand. The clean lines never go out of style. And you can hide a wireless charging pad in there too.

#3 ANTILOP High chair with tray $19.99 (Previous price $22.89)
Antilop high chair - even lower price

Everyone’s favourite high chair is now cheaper. The plastic high chair is easy to clean and take apart.

Now that it’s cheaper, get another one and hack it into a low chair for use in the lounge. Further pimp it with a swinging foot rest, add buttons and joysticks to turn it into a game chair.

#4 PUGG Wall clock $9.99 (Previous price $14.99)
Pugg clock - even lower price

A simple clock with large, clear numbers. And best of all, no tick-tock. Yay for silent movement.

And what I really love about the PUGG … so many ways to make it unique. Like this Dino Pugg (if you have kids going through their Dinosaur phase, you gotta make this). Or if you prefer, a whale of a time. Or have it as a standing clock.

#5 LURVIG Cat house $4.99 (Previous price $5.99)
LURVIG cat cube

Never too many cubby holes for your kitties. But even if you don’t have cats, these boxes with a round hole are useful too. They can be used to store soft toys, balls of yarn, turn into a game of toss the ball in. Options galore.

#6 GNABBAS Basket $7.99 (Previous price $9.99)
Gnabbas basket

Continuing with KALLAX storage, this seagrass box will add a lot of warmth to your storage unit. And it’s the cheapest of KALLAX boxes. So time to put away all that clutter.

#7 PÄRKLA Storage case $1.99 (Previous price $2.99)
Parkla storage bag

It’s now only $1.99! I can’t believe how cheap this huge underbed storage bag is. Add some handles and you could probably turn it into a bike storage bag.

#8 TARVA Queen Bed frame $149 (Previous price $169)
Tarva queen bed frame - even lower price

A wooden bed that you can hack is always a good choice. Make it into a four-poster bed, add a tall upholstered headboard or you can even upholster the whole bed frame.

#9 BRIMNES Daybed frame with 2 drawers $249 (Previous price $269)
Craftsman Furniture - ikea new lower price items 6

Create a window seat with this daybed. Flank it with bookshelves and you have a daybed reading nook.

#10 PRUTA Food container, set of 17 $4.99 (Previous price $5.99)
Pruta containers

It’s so economical you can send leftovers home with your guests, IKEA says. And why not? And if you’ve been looking for a case for your Raspberry Pi, the small rectangle PRUTA is a good fit.

Besides these 10, there are lots more with great value:

  • HAUGESUND Spring mattress at $249 (Previous price $299)
  • MINNEN Extendable bed frame at $69 (Previous price $89)
  • GODMORGON / ODENSVIK Sink cabinet with 2 drawers at $498.99 (Previous price $568.99).

Click this link to view all New Lower Price items. And happy shopping!

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